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Volunteer Opportunity

The Aberdeen Smittys have been given the opportunity to help with the 2023 Haunted Forest.  This event is a great way for our organization to fundraise and to also build the relationship with the City.  

We are asking players, families, friends and fans to sign up by using this link: Aberdeen Smittys Baseball: Haunted Forest 2023 (   

Volunteers need to 15 years of age or older.  

Those participating on Friday and Saturday as a Guide or Security should plan to attend Wednesday evening for the walk through.  Pizza will be served on Friday after the event.  On Saturday, chili will be served between the afternoon and evening session.  

Remember to dress for the weather and to bring gloves for tear down (old batting gloves work well).

We thank you for your continued support.
Go Smittys!

Smittys 2024 Summer Tryouts

Smittys Fall Workouts/Tryouts
When: September 10th, 17th, 24th and and Oct 1st
Expectation is to make at least 2 of the dates.
Time: 13U, 14U, 16U and Jr Legion - birthdates (2007-2010)- 5:30 to 7pm
Legion (2005 & 2006) is 7 to 8:30pm

Register by August 27th:

Keep in mind: This is a workout to keep the reps going while
the weather is nice but also an evaluation to help us get a head start for our season come spring time since the weather rarely cooperates. These tryouts are not all that is being used and only a piece of the puzzle. The season and live play is always going to be a large part of the placements/cuts as well as coach-ability, attitude, and player growth over the next year prior to our season. .

Team rosters will not be finalized until the spring, but it will be a piece of the overall evaluation and help to align workouts in the offseason and rosters in the spring. It’s important as we know whatever indoor facility is located, it will almost assuredly not accommodate all players at once like the PC dome has in the past and we are preparing to move forward in a manner that will best serve the kids. Please note that while the fundraising raffle and tryouts are happening concurrently, they are a required part of the fee structure.

Oct 1st or prior, Fundraiser:
One of our primary goals this season is to secure funding for an indoor training facility that will benefit our athletes tremendously. To achieve this, the biggest portion will be this fundraising raffle. Each player will need to sell 20 - $25 tickets. This raffle will provide us with the necessary resources to secure an indoor location with the goal of it being operational by Jan 1, 2024. Raffle tickets will be handed out towards the end of the tryouts this fall as it’s an easy time when most families can be reached. Tickets can be paid for on the spot or we can hold a check that will be cashed shortly before the baseball social event that we’ve started in February. Your support in selling raffle tickets will greatly contribute to our fundraising success. This is an effort to move the program forward without raising fees. To note, if a player/parent successfully sells their raffle tickets, participates in the sponsor of a player program, and completes dib hours, a family could essentially have all or nearly all their fees covered. Prizes for the raffle will likely be a mix of cash and other prizes. We are still collecting donations for prizes. If anyone would like to contribute or know a business that might please reach out to a board member.


*Are fees increasing for 2024? 

No, Player fees are staying the same. There is a new requirement for 2024, each player is required to sell 20 - $25 raffle tickets ($500.00)

13U/14U ages $400
Jr. Legion/16U ages $500
Legion ages $700 

(Sponsorship opportunities available for Registration Fees)

Additional Requirements:
20-$25 ($500 total) Fundraiser raffle tickets to sell
$500 DIBS deposit (volunteer opportunities available)

*What are the raffle prizes going to be?

There will be a variety of cash & prizes for the raffle. A list will be compiled and posted online once the items have been secured. 

If you are willing to help gather donations, please contact a board member for more information. 

*If an indoor facility is secured how will these winter workouts be scheduled and how will it affect kids in other sports?  

Scheduling will be determined at a later date after the size of facility is known. We're looking for an indoor facility to give as many opportunities as we can, as we want to find ways to accommodate all of our multi-sport athletes. As winter might work for some, due to other sports spring might work better for others, so we're trying to give opportunities for everyone involved in sports throughout the year instead of just a few in the spring. Participation is encouraged, but just like any open gym throughout the summer, we understand kids are in other sports and that comes first and will not be held against them. 

*Can I petition to have my child "play up"?

If player is skill ready (evaluation required) and numbers allow, a parent or guardian may petition to have their child considered for playing up. Please read and follow the instruction here: Petition to Play Up Form

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Equipment:  Aberdeen Hardball Association provides baseballs, bats, team bag, and catcher's equipment including glove. Each rostered player will be given a batting helmet during their first year of play. 

Participants in the program ARE required to purchase their own baseball glove and cleats.  Optional (not required) player items to purchase: bat bag, catchers equipment, bat, water jug, personal protection items (e.g. sunscreen, sunglasses, cooling towel). 

Uniforms: Aberdeen Hardball Association will provide the following to each player:

Ages 13-14 / Gray pants, blue & gray jerseys, hat & belt.

Ages 15-18 /  White & gray pants, several jerseys, hat, belt, along with travel gear (shorts & t-shirt).


Click Button Below to Donate to the Aberdeen Hardball Association (Aberdeen Hardball Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization)

Thank you to our Generous Corporate Sponsors!

Contact Us Aberdeen Hardball Association

Contact Us Aberdeen Hardball Association

Aberdeen Hardball Association
PO Box 189
Aberdeen, SD  57402-0189


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Please verify all game schedules ahead of time before heading to the game, times and dates are subject to change at any time.